Bible Study - January 13th

Updated: Apr 19

Messages from Aunt Betty & "Pop" (John Cooper)

1st Samuel - 16:7 - TAKEAWAY"Don't judge people on their outer appearance - look at their heart"

Revelations 21:17 - TAKEAWAYThose who know God and follow him will inherit all things.

James 1:5-8 TAKEAWAY If you need knowledge turn to God b/c he will always give it freely 0 what you ask for you shall receive ...if you believe and ask in faith without doubt or reservations

Luke 12: 12-21 -TAKEAWAY It's not greedy to have an abundance of things - it is greedy, however, to covet (want) what others have.

TAKEAWAY If you have something and someone else needs it, give it freely and with love.

4 Types of People: Poor & Blessed

  1. Poor & Cursed

  2. Poor & Blessed

  3. Rich & Blessed

  4. Rich & Cursed

Which type are you? Which type do you want to be?

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