Forgiveness, It's A Way Of Life, March 28th

Church News: Wednesday we will have communion and celebrate the passover.

Forgiveness is not for sale. We sell forgiveness at a cost (Such as I will forgive you but in return you have to do ________ for me)

Forgiveness is free - Luke 22: 33-34 (This scripture is referring to Peter)

Luke 22: 55-56

Luke 22: 44-48 Betrayal and arrest in Gethsemane "Are you betraying the son of man with a kiss?"

Luke 22: 63-65 - Mocking

Luke 23: 1-2 Lies Against Jesus

V. 20/ 33-34 Calvary

TAKEAWAYS - Forgiveness is the heart's way of forgetting an injury

It's the ability to live life at it's finest

It's a chance to show a characteristic of Christ. -

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