Problems with Pride- Bible Study - April 7th

Annual Crawfish Boil Coming After Mothers Day - Date to be announced soon

Upcoming Sunday's Sermon will be about how to fight battles in your life. We will be fasting so we were advised to eat a good breakfast Sunday. Also advised to start thinking about the problems in our lives, what is weighing on our hearts so we can know what we are fasting for

2nd Corinthians Ch 5 vs 9

Our weapons are not carnal but they are mighty

2 Kings Ch. 5 vs 1-27


1. Pride makes you think too highly of yourself

2. Pride requires the limelight to shine upon you (The look at me syndrome)

3. Pride produces false self entitlement

4. Pride leads to a great fall. A humbling process will occur.

5. You receive true blessings when your hands are stretched up, not out.

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